Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Miss Athena Couture 2018 PRESS RELEASE

█ Join Flickr Group:

█ Add the photo to the Flickr group and rename "Miss Athena Couture 2018 - Name" Full Body photo 1024x1024

█ The hopeful must have basic knowledge of the runway, turn in what's required on time, excellent in sense of direction, good sense of style, must be organized, can step out of her comfort zone, and always on time.

█ Accepted hopefuls will be sent notecards. It is advised to read all information on the notecard to ensure you do your best. The hopefuls who do pass to become official contestants will be required to sign a contract. 

█ Auditions will not be open to the public so please do not ask if it's okay to have guests. All events will be held on the weekends. This competition is open to all female models. We believe in giving everyone equal opportunity and as the first bulletin says must have basic knowledge of the runway.

October 31st ~ Photo Audition Deadline
November 11th 10am slt ~ Runway Audition
November 19th 10am slt ~ Challenge #1 & #2
November 26th 10am slt ~ Finale (Rounds #1 & #2)

█ Title of Miss Athena Couture 2018

█ Special formal release named after winner

█ Model for all special vendors & print for magazines

█ Become part of Athena's Angels 2018 team

█ Athena Couture gift package

█ Invited to Miss Royalty Agency

█ Become an official Miss Royalty 2018 contestant

█ Become a print model for Rouge Magazine

█ Be part of Fashion For Life 2018 staff

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Athena Couture Harley

Gotham Island @ Creations For Parkinson's
Event begins October 1st - 31st